Paraprosdokian Pathways: The Emo Phillips Interview

Emo Phillips Cartoon Thumbnail

The Comic Genius Of Emo Phillips Written by J.T. Ryder             With a wide eyed, childlike stare, Emo Philips draws the audience down a winding garden path, the listener hanging on every word, softly spoken in an innocently wavering falsetto sing-song voice. Suddenly you find yourself in an Alice In […]

“Healthy Is Just A Precancerous Condition”

Drew Hastings Thumbnail

Insight And Wisdom From Drew Hastings Written by J.T. Ryder              Raised in Kettering, Ohio by a single mother, Drew Hastings’ teenage years found him finely honing a life of delinquency. Inspired by Mary Kay, he created a multi-leveled pyramid scheme to deal psychedelic drugs within the Dayton area. Other, […]

The Mullet Of Madness

Donnie Baker Thumbnail

Donnie Baker’s First Interview  Written by J.T. Ryder Everyone knows Donnie Baker…or knows someone who is exactly like him. The first time my oldest son heard Donnie call in to the Bob & Tom Show, he yelled out, “Oh my God! It’s Uncle Brian!” I assured him that it wasn’t, but he had openly spoken […]

Dirty Little Secret Social Conscience Show Featuring Pat Garrity

Pat Garrity 02

This is a short clip from the Dirty Little Secret Social Conscience Show which was performed on June 13th, 2012 at Wiley’s Comedy Niteclub. This clip features comedian Pat Garrity.

Joyce To The World

Jesse Joyce 01

Jesse Joyce On The Addictive Nature Of Comedy Written by J.T. Ryder The wide-eyed, boyish stare lends an almost sweet natured naiveté to the one time Centerville resident, Jesse Joyce. Yet his comedy rambles from the innocent observations of a open-hearted young soul before traversing into a more personal darkness that most of us, while […]

Shock Treatment

Ron Shock 01

Wiley’s Welcomes America’s Greatest Storyteller Written By J.T. Ryder I prepared for my upcoming interview with comedic storyteller Ron Shock in the same manner that I approached all of my subjects. I researched reviews of his performances from across the country. I listened to all of the stage material of his that I could find. […]

Jimmy Pardo: The Jazz Zinger

Jimmy Pardo 02

From Comedy Clubs To Conan, This Comedian Is Never Not Funny  Written by J.T. Ryder             After studying for a year at the American Academy of Dramatic Arts in Pasadena, California, Jimmy Pardo decided to go back to his home state of Illinois and entered the comedy scene during the halcyon days of the eighties. […]

The Insane Segues Of Singer

Ryan Singer 04

Five Easy Question With Ryan Singer  Written by J.T. Ryder J.T.: What was the reason that you got up on stage for the first time? Ryan: I just had to. It is that simple. As a kid I remember seeing standup comedians on television and thinking to myself, “that is the best job ever!” I […]

Dow-Town Dayton

Wileys Collage 02

Dow Thomas And The Cult Of Comedy Written by J.T. Ryder Part horror show hippy, part amusing musician, part imaginative genius. Dow Thomas is truly one of the Dayton originals, having performed comedy locally before there was even a venue dedicated to the genre. He has stepped so far outside of the box, finding himself […]

The Church of Augiology

Auggie 00

Auggie Smith and the Wayward Masses Written by J.T. Ryder To the uninitiated, (or “non-believers” as they are commonly called by The Auggites) Auggie Smith is the founder and Grand Pubah for Life of what has come to be known as The First Church of Augiology. While not technically a religion, at least not in […]