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Are you looking for the best deals in town for your evening of entertainment? Then look no further! Wiley’s offers several ways to receive special offers, keep up to date with the latest comedy news and keep you informed about upcoming shows and special events!

The first is Wiley’s Email List. Just click here and fill out your email address and begin receiving all the latest news and special offers. We DO NOT sell your information to any third party clients! It’s not that we have any kind of ethical view on this…we’re just that lazy. We DO NOT flood your inbox with useless information. We send you only our weekly shows and news of events that then general public would not be privy to. Again, nothing to do with ethics and all about the laziness.

The second way to keep up to date is by texting HAHA to 46786 and you will receive the latest offers and news right on your little hand held thingy. No, not that thingy…the phone thingy. Again, we do not sell your info or flood you with useless crap. Again, laziness>ethics.



  1. Mary Laughter says:

    Looking to see if you had any business to business offers we could share with our employees to visit your place.
    Thank you

    • J.T. Ryder says:

      We do offer special promotions for certain select shows for Miami Valley businesses or other groups. Give us a holler at (937) 224-5653 and we’ll see what we can work out!

  2. When will tickets for Drew Hastings be available?

    • You can make reservations at anytime by calling (937) 224-5653. If you get the answering machine, just leave your name, which show (including date and time) you want to reserve seats for, how many in your party and your phone number and we’ll take it from there!

  3. Glinda Rankin says:

    would like to know whats going on @ prices Thanks

  4. Can you accommodate a group of 80-120 people at one time? Additionally, are we able to pre-pay for tickets at a group rate and is there a anyway that we are able to do a light buffet and cash bar for the group for the group?

    • J.T. Ryder says:

      We can accommodate a group as large as 200+ people. You are definitely able to prepay for tickets. We deal with several different catering and food services that could create a custom menu for your buffet. Each person could run a tab at the bar and pay at the end of the evening.

  5. nathan isaacs says:

    is there seating for just 2 and can I be seated away from the stage…how is your seating setup….this is my first ttime so I really don’t know.how it works

    • J.T. Ryder says:

      The seating is on a first come first serve basis. You can request to not be seated stage side, but it all depends on the amount of people at any given show and the availability of alternate seating. Just for an FYI: the comedians can barely see past the first row due to the glaring spotlights. Generally, if you do not draw attention to yourself, the comedian will not seek you out. A lot of people fear being “picked on” by a comedian, but truthfully, very few do extensive crowd work, so this is rarely an issue. We like to keep a very conducive atmosphere for the comedy and to create a non-confrontational experience for our customers.

  6. 29 March 2014

    From Face Book Mike Armstrong told me he will be at Wiley’s in Dayton in May. Why is this not on your website yet?

    • J.T. Ryder says:

      Well…because we are habitually late. It’s a problem we have sought a solution for through therapy, negative reinforcement training and pharmacological means, to no avail. Mike will be here May 1st through May 3rd. The information will be posted up this week on the site. Hope to see you there at the show! Mike is one of the funniest guys in the nation and its a show that shouldn’t be missed!

  7. Laura Cline says:

    Is the club handicap accessible?

    • J.T. Ryder says:

      Yes our club is handicap accessible. We have two entrances that are wheelchair accessible. When you make reservations, make sure to mention your needs and we will have the accommodations made readily available for you.

  8. Will George López be at your club any time Soon?

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