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Open Mic 01Richard Pryor, Jay Leno, Ron White…every comedian started somewhere and most began their illustrious careers covered in flop sweat in front of a crowd of strangers at an open mic night. On almost any given Sunday (check here to see if I am possibly lying) Wiley’s opens the stage for all of the up and coming talent that the region can provide. To sign up, you simply need to email Joanne Viskup and/or Mike Canestaro at So if your mom says you’re funny and you keep your coworkers in stitches at the water cooler, by all means, give it a shot under the glaring spotlights!

If you are interested in performing at an open mic event, here is an article by Brian Munger full of great tips for your first time: Stand Up Comedy: All Comedians Start at Open Mic Night!


  1. Mark Newton says:


    I am interested in participating in the open mic night this Sunday, July 21st.


    • Awesome video, Lynn!! Thank you SO much for sharing it!! I was hnopig some one would shoot a little video here and there Do you have any from Saturday & Sunday?

  2. Helllloooo! (: I’m very interested in doing my first stand up at your location. Is okay that I’m only 19?

  3. gregory lee says:

    Jack Wilson please contact me about a veterans show coming up in October. I would really like you to consider hosting this event. please call me at 937-944-4923 thank you
    Gregory Lee

  4. Jack Legg says:

    Hi guys! Great website. I am interested in participating in an open mic night. I emailed the address above back in September, but did not get a response. A comic used to run an open mic in Springfield a few years back… he suggested I get in touch with you guys. Thanks

    • J.T. Ryder says:

      If you’re not getting a response to your emails, your best bet is to stop in on open mic night on Sundays and talk to either Joanne or Mike. We don’t book the open mic night in house here at Wiley’s.

  5. Hello, my names Jon Morris. I was interested in signing up for your open mic night. The sooner the better. Feel free to email me with any possible dates or even a fill in position.
    P.S. The email address above is no longer valid

  6. J.T. Ryder says:

    I’ll have to check with Joanne to see if there is a glitch with her email account. Probably the best bet is to stop in Sunday night after 7:15pm and talk to either Joanne or Mike Canestaro. Wiley’s doesn’t book the open mic shows ourselves, otherwise I would be a little more help…not much…but a little.

  7. Andrew MacCorkle says:

    hey so whats the schedule for open mic night?

  8. Brandyn Campbell says:

    I am very interested in the open mic night for 12/15 is there anyway to get ahold of someone other than the email?

  9. Robin Inell says:

    Hey wanna know when the next open mic nite is?

  10. R. C. Martin says:

    I am in serious need for a creative outlet. I am constantly being told by friends and co-workers that I missed my calling as a comedian and would like to give it a try.
    I have written and performed 10 X 5 minute routines and would like to test a few of them out on your audience.
    If this is possible, please let me know how soon. Just reply to my email with the available dates and times.
    Thanks in advance,


    • J.T. Ryder says:

      You should probably stop in on any given Sunday and talk to either Joanne or Mike about upcoming open mic shows as they book them several weeks in advance. You can also get an idea of how the shows are structures and set up a set list accordingly.
      Hope to see you soon!

  11. I would like to submit an amazing Indie Rock Artist to your Open Mic Night to perform as a Musical Opening Act. As diversely talented singer, songwriter, musician and producer who enjoys comedy to the fullest this would be a wonderful opportunity to bring music and comedy together. Wiley’s Comedy Club truly Rockz ya Diggz!! Please advise your submission process if applicable.

  12. how old do you have to be to perform

  13. how old do u have to be to participate

    • J.T. Ryder says:

      Well, while we are not sure how young a male can be to perform, with the market flooded with ED drugs, it is possible for a grown man to perform until mere moments before their own death. I hope this answered your question and thanks for posting on the Wiley’s website!

      • J.T. Ryder says:

        Okay, seriously, you can perform onstage at Wiley’s when you are sixteen when accompanied by a parent or guardian with the proper identification.

  14. Pete Wolynec says:

    Are you still doing the open mic on Sundays? And what time does it start?

    • J.T. Ryder says:

      Yes. We didn’t have one this past Sunday due to Mother’s Day and we will not be having one May 25th so that we can have our tribute to Tim Wilson, but other than that, it’s clear sailing for a while. The shows start at 8:00pm…theoretically.

  15. Josh Lancaster says:

    Hi, my name is josh lancaster and i would love to be a part of your open mic night. If you could email me with openings that would be great.

  16. would love to know when your open mic night is so I may come out and rip you a new one!!! thanks bub!

  17. Would love to fonally get on stage and give it a go. Please email any info on the next open mic thanx

  18. TERRY EDGETTE says:


  19. Raynard Hollingsworth says:

    Please contact me ,with information about your open mic night, I sent an email but got no reply, please send me details on when the next open mic will be and how I can sign up.


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