Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Do I need to make reservations?
A. While it is not an absolute requirement to make reservations, we definitely recommend that you do so. First, a show may end up sold out and you will find yourself in a very long line, only to find out there are no more seats available. Secondly, reservations help us to ensure that we have properly staffed the club with enough waiters, waitresses, cooks and bartenders to guarantee our patrons the best service possible.


Q. How do I make a reservation?
A. This is an easy one…just call (937)  224-JOKE (5653) and tell us which show you wish to attend and how many will be in your party, and that is it! If you don’t get a hold of a real live person and are forced to speak to our answering machine, just leave your name, how many will be in your party AND your phone number, just in case we have further questions for you regarding your reservation.


Q. Do I need to provide my credit card number to reserve tickets?
A. If your party is over six people, the short answer is yes. We do not, however, run your card until you arrive at the club. With large parties over six people, we do reserve the right to run your card if you do not show up for your reservation and you did not call to cancel your reservation at least twelve hours prior to show time. This is because we now have a large empty table that we could have filled with other reservations if we had known that you were not going to show up.


Q. When asked at the door, “Do you have reservations for the show?” can I reply, “I have reservations about this whole club!”
A. No…just don’t.


Q. What is a “Special Show”?
A. A special show is defined by several things. One could be a higher ticket price than our normal weekly pricing. A second definition could be that it is a one night only show or one that is not an atypical stand-up comedy show and, instead, features other types entertainment. The one factor that designates all special shows, however, is that no coupons, discounts, special offers or VIP passes will be honored.


Q. Why is that?
A. It is usually because the entertainer has a high powered agent that will not allow us to offer a special discount and, in this situation, we would be unable to take less than the face value of the ticket.


Q. Some clubs offer “Special Seating.” Can I pay extra to get a better seat?
A. This is no exaggeration: All of the seating at Wiley’s is equal insofar as a visual line of sight of the stage and acoustics go, so every seat is a good seat. Arrive when the doors open because it is a first come first serve seating.


Dont PanicQ. What is the answer to Life, the Universe and Everything?
A. 42.


Q. Are your shows non-smoking?
A. In accordance with the State of Ohio ORC Chapter 3794, we are a non-smoking establishment so, ergo, all of our shows are non-smoking, unless Jeff forgets a pizza in the oven. Then it gets a bit smoky, but that’s a whole other thing.


Q. What are the age requirements to attend a show?
A. We are an 18 and up club, but you can attend a show at the age of 16 with a parent or guardian who has the proper documentation.


Bachlorette PartyQ: Some clubs offer special Bachelor or Bachelorette Party Packages. Do you?
A. We do not provide an all inclusive party package, but we do give the lucky partygoer a free t-shirt and invite them on stage for a truly embarrassing beverage that cannot be named within these pages. Don’t be embarrassed! You’re the one traipsing around in public with a flashing crown fashioned to look like genitalia!


Q. Do you offer group discounts?
A. Dependent on the show and how many are in your party, we will negotiate, if possible, with groups to garner a “group rate.” Just call (937) 224-JOKE (5653) and start the process that way.


Q. What is the air-speed velocity of an unladen swallow?
A. What do you mean? African or European swallow?


Q. Do you serve dinner?
A. Not in a “Please pass the potatoes” kind of way. We have hamburgers, chicken sandwiches, pizza and other “bar” type fare. To see what we have to offer, check out our menu. There are also a plethora of fine restaurants in the Oregon District. Check out the list of nearby restaurants and pick what type of dining experience you are looking for.


PopcornQ. Do you have a “two drink minimum” policy?
A. We have a two item minimum policy, which means that you can get two popcorns per person at $1.50 apiece and call it a night. You’ll be thirsty as hell, but it will only cost you $3.00 plus admission.


 Q. I don’t like really raunchy comedy. Do you have a rating system for your shows?
A. It is impossible to rate our shows like the movies do. Some people may be offended by language while others are offended by the content, so there is no way to categorize our comedians. You can always call and ask our opinion about an upcoming comedian but, again, this is only based on a persons personal preferences.


Q. How do I find out what comedians or acts are going to appear at Wiley’s?
A. You can go back to the front page and click on “Upcoming Shows” or you could also join us on Facebook. You can also sign up to get on our email list and you will not only get up to date info, but you will also get special discounts only available to our list members.


Q. I have a question that does not appear on this FAQ.
A. Then you can call (937) 224-JOKE (5653) and ask or you can email us with your query and we will get an answer to you as quickly as possible!



  1. I’ve been doing a comedy for about a year and recently moved to Columbus. I found your club online and was wondering if I’d be able to perform there. The website is a link to my first show on youtube. I have some clips from other shows but haven’t put them online yet. I know you may get a lot of these requests, but I hope to hear from you soon. Thank you.

  2. Micheal Hunter says:

    After a young comic pass the open mic night, when is that comic invited to do a regular, or longer set? Or invited to perform a paying gig?

  3. Rae Gregory says:

    Is it true that Wileys was bought out by Mortys? :( :( :(

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