Comics Come Home…Christmas Edition – December 26th through December 29th, 2013

Flashing SantaCome see twenty-eight comics over the course of four shows. All of these comics have local ties and are nationally touring comedians. Some of them have been seen on The Tonight Show, BET, HBO and The Bob and Tom Show, as well as other credits and, cumulatively, they have 2,873 years of comedy experience. These road veterans will be joined onstage by some of the MiamiValley’s most promising up and coming comedians. There will be a new line up for each show and we will reveal the comedians appearing on our Facebook page!

Thursday December 26th at 8:00pm with an admission of $5.00

Friday December 27th at 9:00pm with an admission of $5.00

Saturday December 28th at 8:00pm with an admission of $5.00

Sunday December 28th at 8:00pm with an admission of $5.00

As this is a special show, no passes, discounts, special offers, left over crumbs of fruitcake, packing peanuts or Tiny Tim’s crutches will be accepted.


  1. Can we get a lineup of the comedians scheduled for Friday & Sunday please? Thank you – TeamSaleem

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