Pat Godwin – December 12th through December 14th

Pat Godwin 02Pat Godwin, known on the street as Patty G, has been in the comedy business since he was twenty. Since he refuses to state his real age, we will assume that that constitutes a very long time. Pat was featured on NBC’s Last Comic Standing and is a regular guest on The Bob and Tom Show and the Howard Stern Show. You may have heard some of his songs, such as Switch to Beer, Gangsta Folk and Good Beaver Gone Bad, but don’t think that Pat is just a guitar act. His improvisational expressions and crowd work are legendary. He will not only impress you with his wide array of musical numbers, but he will have you rolling with his quick wit and biting insights. He will also ruin Bruce Springsteen for you forever.

Joining Pat and making his Wiley’s debut is the very funny Derrick Lengwenus. Originally from Montreal, Derick currently resides in Chicago where he performs stand-up and studies improv at SecondCity. His credits include: Winner of Best Comedy in the Montreal Fringe Festival as well as several appearances on The Bob and Tom Show. When using Google, make sure to spell his name right as typing in Dick Longwenus brings up a vastly different person.

Thursday December 12th at 8:00pm with an admission of $7.00. At this show, generous patrons will receive free admission if they bring a recently purchased non-perishable item such as peanut butter, canned meat, tuna , chicken, breakfast cereal, pasta, rice, macaroni & cheese , soups, and pasta sauce in plastic jars. Please don’t bring pickled beets, waxed beans or Sweet Sue’s Whole Chicken in a Can…no living person eats that stuff. It’s the fruitcake of the canning world. If you would rather just pay the $7.00 admission, we will be donating 100% of the door proceeds to The Food Bank.

Friday December 13th at 9:00pm with an admission of $12.00

Saturday December 14th at 8:00pm and 10:30pm with an admission of $15.00

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