Drew Hasting – November 29th and 30th, 2013

Drew Hastings 04Standing 6’6” with his tailored suits and black, horn rimmed glasses, Drew is a commanding presence on stage. Born in Morocco to a British mother, Drew was transplanted to Kettering, Ohio at a young age. His careers have spanned from a document shredding business, a trucking business, a semi unscrupulous archeological expedition and a polo player before finding his niche in the comedy world. Drew is now a gentleman farmer and mayor of Hillsboro, Ohio where, in between milking bulls and signing approvals for new bike paths, he finds the time to write a weekly column called The Battle of Hastings as well as touring the comedy and theater circuit.

How funny is Drew? Not only did his Comedy Central special, Irked and Miffed, debut with over a million viewers, he is one of only a handful of people to receive a standing ovation on the Tonight Show. ‘Nuff said.

Friday November 29th at 8:00pm and 10:30pm with an admission of $20.00

Saturday November 30th at 8:00pm and 10:30pm with and admission of $20.00

As this is a special show, no coupons, passes or special offers will be accepted. Call (937) 224-5653 to make reservations now!

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