Comics Come Home Show – Wednesday November 27th, 2013

StuffingSome of the top touring comics come home for the holidays! There are some of the other comics who can’t stray far from home due to a court mandated ankle monitor that they are forced to wear. This is by and large one of our most popular yearly shows, coming in only second to our regular Comics Please Go Away show in January.

On the bill is the incredibly funny Jesse Nutt, who has perfected the angry black man persona so well, he makes Paul Mooney seem downright cuddly. Chris Speyrer is a nationally touring act who also owns a comedy club in a rural Illinois town that is so small, it’s amazing that Stephen King hasn’t even written a book about it yet. John Kirby will be there, doing his impression of W.C. Fields as a used car salesman…not intentionally mind you. There will also be the very funny Kenny Smith, back from L.A., transplanted into the role of a suburbanite. Raymond Jackson will grace the stage with his humorous descriptions of everyday life and observations of the world…if he can quit playing video games on his phone long enough. There is also Kenny Carpenter, who is literally half the comedian he once was after losing an impressive amount of weight, but still just as funny. There is also Jeremy Johnson, the Gentile of Genitalia…’nuff said. Nate Washington rounds out the bill with his hilarious take on just about everything, from pop culture to day to day observations. Rob Haney will also be there, but there’s not much we can do about that since he owns the club. As usual, there will be some drop in guests, enticed by the yearning to make people laugh…and free booze we promised them.

Wednesday November 27th, 2013 at 8:00pm with a admission of $5.00. Call (937) 224-5653 to make reservations now!

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