Henry Phillips and Jonathan Craig – October 17th through October 19th, 2013

Henry Phillips 07

Henry’s manic melding of folksy melodies tied to psychotic lyrics has garnered him quite a cult following, including the likes of Moby (the musician, not the whale) and that weird guy who rambles through the Oregon District mumbling show tunes and pelting passers-by with Raisinettes.

You have probably heard Henry Phillips on The Bob and Tom Show, Dr. Demento or seen him on Jimmy Kimmel Live or in his own semi-autobiographical film, Punching The Clown. Now you can catch Henry live, as well as comedian Jonathan Craig on the Wiley’s stage!

Thursday October 17th at 8:00pm with an admission of $7.00

Friday October 18th at 9:00pm with an admission of $12.00

Saturday October 19th at 8:00pm and 10:30pm with an admission of $15.00.

As this is a special show, no coupons, discounts, passes, lilting lyrics or theories about the end of the world will be accepted. Call (937) 224-5653 now to make reservations!

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