Donnie Baker – September 6th and 7th

Donnie Baker ThumbnailTacky clad in red tiger striped Zubaz, Donnie Baker takes the stage like a trash talking trailer park tornado sharing with the audience a litany of his various conquests. Whether it’s stories of his proficiency in the martial arts or his sage wisdom with regards to the opposite sex, Donnie gives of himself unselfishly, asking only in return that you buy his boat. Donnie’s razor sharp witticisms and moderate grasp of the English language will keep the audience in stitches. After seeing him perform live, you will never be the same…we swear to God you won’t!

Donnie has been a prominently featured guest on The Bob and Tom Show and has performed all over the country either solo, with his band the Pork Pistols or with the Bob and Tom All Stars. His past performances at Wiley’s have been packed, so we urge you to make reservations early! It’s State Law! Opening for Donnie will be the extremely funny Roy Haber! For an interesting peek into the psyche of Donny, check out the interview Mullet of Madness.

Friday September 6th at 8:00pm and 10:30pm with a $20 admission

Saturday September 7th at 8:00pm and 10:30pm with a $20 admission

This is a special show so no coupons, passes, discounts, special offers, articulated pythons, tapes by David Coverdales or Patty Ferguson’s panties will be accepted.

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