Come Out For The Queer Queens Of Qomedy

Three Headliners To Take the Stage At Wiley’s

 By J.T. Ryder

 Queer Queens Of Qomedy Logo 02           Coming off of a packed show at the legendary Birchmere Music Hall in Alexandria, VA, the Queer Queens of Qomedy Tour will roll on into Dayton on September 10th and run through until the 13th. There are three headlining comedians set to take the stage, all of which are veteran stand-up comics and all three have recent television specials under their belts. There has even been talk about making the Queer Queens of Qomedy itself into a network series, but it is still too early in the game to predict if and when such a comedy show will appear.

“We are creating a sizzle reel currently to pitch to networks.” Poppy said during a recent interview. “Hopefully I will have word by early 2010.”

While some people may be scared off by the moniker of “queer” being utilized so prominently in the title of the tour, Poppy wants to assure everyone that it is not strictly focused on gay or lesbian issues. In previous conversations that we have had, she told me how a lot of the comedians on the tour are mothers and/or have been “traditionally” married at one or another and speak on those experiences as well. As she put it in a message sent to the Dayton City Paper:

“It really isn’t about being gay…it’s about being human and laughing at the human condition unconditionally.”

When I asked her if  having a show dedicated to a specific orientation is needed for those of that  orientation to express themselves or if she thought that it could be viewed as perpetuating a division in of itself, she replied,

“It could be viewed as that, but we need it to be that way at first to be accepted as a viable show that is good enough that the straight world wants to enjoy it too.”

Joining Poppy on the Dayton stop on the tour are Mimi Gonzalez and Karen Williams, both seasoned comedians and both possessing their own clinically quirky sense of humor.

“I have performed with them individually and I love them and their comedy.” Poppy added that, “…this will be the first time we are all on one bill.”

Reflecting on last year’s show at Wiley’s, which was extremely well attended, Poppy said that, “They came from Cincinnati and Columbus and some traveled even further. Everybody loved the show last year and if Wiley’s and Dayton is anything like  the Birchmere…” Poppy trailed off, adding, “It grows bigger and bigger every year.”

Originally published September 2nd, 2009

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