Wiley’s Annual 4/20 Show – April 20th, 2014

Cute Cannabis CutterThere is a lot of buzz going around lately about the 4/20 Comedy Show at Wiley’s on April 20th. To be blunt, the show will be the high point of the local comedy scene. It has taken months for Wiley’s to meticulously weed out all the chaff and the bad seeds, creating a roster of ten of the area’s most highly regarded comedians. Kenny Smith, Joel Bartley, Raymond Jackson, Jesse Nutt, Jeremy Johnson, Johnathan Craig, Nate Washington and Rob Haney will serve up hit after hit of comic gold. Expect a couple of unannounced guests to crash the party with their own bag of goodies. The kitchen will be open to serve up the munchies and, if you get a case of cottonmouth, the bar is fully stocked. The tickets are only $5.00, so you and your friends can throw your money into the pot and hash it out once you get to the club.

Sunday April 20th at 8:00pm with and admission of $5.00

As this is a special show, no coupons, discounts, special offers, stems or seeds that we don’t need, papers from the Big Bambú album or ditch weed will be accepted. As this show usually fills up fast, call (937)224-5653 to make reservations now!

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