Jimmy Pardo: The Jazz Zinger

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From Comedy Clubs To Conan, This Comedian Is Never Not Funny  Written by J.T. Ryder             After studying for a year at the American Academy of Dramatic Arts in Pasadena, California, Jimmy Pardo decided to go back to his home state of Illinois and entered the comedy scene during the halcyon days of the eighties. […]

The Insane Segues Of Singer

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Five Easy Question With Ryan Singer  Written by J.T. Ryder J.T.: What was the reason that you got up on stage for the first time? Ryan: I just had to. It is that simple. As a kid I remember seeing standup comedians on television and thinking to myself, “that is the best job ever!” I […]

The Power And Light Of Dow Thomas

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Dayton And The World Loses A Comedy Icon Written by J.T. Ryder             Sifting through scattered memories, most of which are second hand recollections that occurred before my time, I find myself overwhelmed by a life lived with a manic exuberance. I found out about comedian Dow Thomas’ passing from […]

Dow-Town Dayton

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Dow Thomas And The Cult Of Comedy Written by J.T. Ryder Part horror show hippy, part amusing musician, part imaginative genius. Dow Thomas is truly one of the Dayton originals, having performed comedy locally before there was even a venue dedicated to the genre. He has stepped so far outside of the box, finding himself […]

The Church of Augiology

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Auggie Smith and the Wayward Masses Written by J.T. Ryder To the uninitiated, (or “non-believers” as they are commonly called by The Auggites) Auggie Smith is the founder and Grand Pubah for Life of what has come to be known as The First Church of Augiology. While not technically a religion, at least not in […]

The Aug-Man Cometh

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Auggie Smith and the Subtle Dangers of Censorship Written by J.T. Ryder There are comedians who carpet bomb the audience in the statistical hope that most of their hurled bon mots and humorous bits land on target with an explosion and not a fizzle. Auggie Smith does not succumb to this temptation, instead relying on […]