Upcoming Shows

Jeff Bodart Thumbnail

Jeff Bodart & Jeff Oskay – July 17th Through July 19th, 2014

Two headliners combine forces to bring you a hilarious 2 Jeff Show. We were going to call it JeffFest 2014, but cooler heads prevailed. Now we are … [Read More...]

Tyrone Hawkins Thumbnail

Tyrone Hawkins – July 24th Through July 26th, 2014

Tyrone is one of the clubs favorite acts. His affable and approachable brand of comedy is incredibly laid back and relatable to all audiences. Tyrone … [Read More...]

Saleem Thumbnail

Saleem – July 31st Through August 2nd, 2014

Born and raised in Dayton, Ohio, which is labeled as the “City of Innovators!” It has been home to such luminaries as Edwin C. Moses, Dr. Charles … [Read More...]

Jackie Kashian Thumbnail

Jackie Kashian – August 8th, 2014

Making her Wiley's debut one night only is the hilarious Jackie Kashian!  Jackie Kashian's comedy is like listening to a really racy episode of All … [Read More...]

Comedic Interviews

Poppy Champlin Thumbnail 01

Queer As Funny

Poppy Champlin Brings The Queer Queens Of Qomedy To Wiley's  By J.T. Ryder             The Queer Queens Of Qomedy are Qumming! Not only is that poor … [Read More...]

Costaki Economopolous Thumbnail

Costaki: The Master Card

Economopoulos Will Entertain The Populous Of Your Metropolis Written by J.T. Ryder To pronounce the biggest name in comedy, Costaki Economopoulos, … [Read More...]

Drew Hastings Thumbnail

“Healthy Is Just A Precancerous Condition”

Insight And Wisdom From Drew Hastings Written by J.T. Ryder              Raised in Kettering, Ohio by a single mother, Drew Hastings' teenage … [Read More...]

Ryan Singer 04

The Insane Segues Of Singer

Five Easy Question With Ryan Singer  Written by J.T. Ryder J.T.: What was the reason that you got up on stage for the first time? Ryan: I just had … [Read More...]

Comedian Bios

Darth Vader Dad

Four Fathers Show – June 15th, 2014

Remember the time that you thought it would be a good idea to try to use an umbrella to see if you could float off the garage roof and the ensuing … [Read More...]

Candypants 00

Cutthroat Freakshow – Friday, August 2nd, 2013

Dirty Little Secrets Presents Cutthroat Freakshow Who among us hasn’t wanted to see someone take a cinderblock and have it smashed across there chest … [Read More...]

Blues Art

Wiley’s Annual Labor Days Eve Blues & Comedy Party – September 1st, 2013

WTUE & Budweiser presents the annual  Wiley's Annual Labor Days Eve Blues & Comedy Party! This year, we feature the comedy of John Evans as … [Read More...]

Troy Davis Thumbnail

Troy Davis – May 15th Through May 17th, 2014

Troy began his comedy career like most comedians: through an open mic night. From there, he went on to win comedy contests and launched himself on a … [Read More...]



The Grapist – WKUK

A little something from Whitest Kids U Know. It just goes to show how far advertising can go... … [Read More...]

Pat Garrity 02

Dirty Little Secret Social Conscience Show Featuring Pat Garrity

This is a short clip from the Dirty Little Secret Social Conscience Show which was performed on June 13th, 2012 at Wiley's Comedy Niteclub. This clip … [Read More...]

Droopy Drew 00

“Droopy” Drew Donisi – Johnny Cash

  This is a video featuring a very dear friend of the club, "Droopy" Drew Donisi performing his routine about Jonnhy Cash. Unfortunately, … [Read More...]

Action Hero Kid

Action Hero Kid

One of the funniest videos I've seen in a while, although having a dad like that makes other dads seem like worthless douchebags... … [Read More...]