Upcoming Shows

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Jimmy Pardo – April 18th And April 19th, 2014

Jimmy is probably the most quick witted and intelligently engaging comedian you will ever see. His rapid fire delivery and commanding stage presence … [Read More...]

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Stand Up For Kidz Benefit for Michael’s House Child Advocacy Center – April 23, 2014

To mark April as "National Child Abuse Prevention Month,” Michael’s House has joined forces with Wiley's to bring you the "Stand Up For kidz" adult … [Read More...]

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Wiley’s Annual 4/20 Show – April 20th, 2014

There is a lot of buzz going around lately about the 4/20 Comedy Show at Wiley’s on April 20th. To be blunt, the show will be the high point of the … [Read More...]

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Tim Cavanagh – April 24th Through April 26th, 2014

  Starting out as a teacher, Tim found it far easier to deal with drunk hecklers than high school students. Tim’s songs have received national … [Read More...]

Comedic Interviews

Dow T-Shirt Final 00

The Power And Light Of Dow Thomas

Dayton And The World Loses A Comedy Icon Written by J.T. Ryder             Sifting through scattered memories, most of which are second hand … [Read More...]

Auggie 01

The Aug-Man Cometh

Auggie Smith and the Subtle Dangers of Censorship Written by J.T. Ryder There are comedians who carpet bomb the audience in the statistical hope … [Read More...]

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“Healthy Is Just A Precancerous Condition”

Insight And Wisdom From Drew Hastings Written by J.T. Ryder              Raised in Kettering, Ohio by a single mother, Drew Hastings' teenage … [Read More...]

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Baiting the Abyss

Doug Stanhope and the Confrontation of Comedy Written by J.T. Ryder "I watched a snail crawl along the edge of a straight razor. That's my dream. … [Read More...]

Comedian Bios

Bob Zany 04

Bob Zany – February 6th through February 8th, 2014

Bob Zany appeared on the Gong Show in 1976 and things haven’t been the same since. Bob’s signature cigar and sarcastic wit have taken him into various … [Read More...]

Godfather Hand

The Oddfathers – August 15th, 2013

Ray Price headlines this show featuring himself and three other fathers, Mike Canestaro, Dave Glardon and Dwight McCormick who will expound on the … [Read More...]

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John Roy – February 27th Through March 1st, 2014

John is one of the most original acts that you will see. John started his career in Chicago and quickly went from the local club to becoming the … [Read More...]

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The Mullet Of Madness

Donnie Baker's First Interview  Written by J.T. Ryder Everyone knows Donnie Baker...or knows someone who is exactly like him. The first time my … [Read More...]


Busey Family Portrait

Your WTF Moment For The Day

Just...you know...just...wow... … [Read More...]


Wiley’s Comedy Fireworks Contest – July, 2012

This is a montage of the 2012 Wiley's Comedy Fireworks Contest, featuring excerpts of the winners Adrian Cosby, Ryan Mast and Nate Washington. This … [Read More...]


The Grapist – WKUK

A little something from Whitest Kids U Know. It just goes to show how far advertising can go... … [Read More...]

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Dow Thomas Playlist

This is a series of video clips that were played during the memorial show held at Wiley's Comedy Niteclub on February 15th, 2012. Dow was a very good … [Read More...]